Bounty Hunters @ Predator's Bane Game !

The weekend of April 16-17th found the Bounty Hunters Paintball team at Indy Battlegrounds paintball field for the return to Predator’s Bane game.

Indy Battlegrounds is an absolutely killer field and should be on every players bucket list of fields to go to. The weather was beautiful all weekend which made for some outstanding games. The Planet Eclipse Markers shot flawlessly all weekend and with the help of them we were able to be part of the victorious team! 

Saturday morning we were approached by a player from another team that knew we always had markers that we lend out for demo runs. His marker was not working (It was not a PE marker BTW) So we put our team Gtek in his hands and told him to run it all weekend. He was one happy paintball player and when it was over on Sunday afternoon he had nothing but praise for Planet Eclipse and the Gtek marker he had been using. As he put it, they sure hit a home run with this one and I know what my next purchase will be.

 If you would like to play with our team or try out one of Planet Eclipse markers, you can find us on the field at the Go-N-Postal at Paintball Asylum, Louisville, Ky on May 21st.

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