Catching up with Team Capital Offense

By Jason “foolybear” Lineberger

Photos by English Rose Photography

Team Capital Offense has been on a roll for the past six months, carving their path of destruction through the scenario paintball world.  Here’s a quick recap of where we’ve been, followed by a look at where we are headed!

Sunrise at the Capital Offense Compound

Capital Offense capped off 2015 with one of the best big games on the planet, the Fulda Gap Mega Game at Command Decisions Wargames Center in North Carolina. This year we had some special guests rolling with us – Nick Truter from Virtue, Nichola Hayden from English Rose Photography, and Planet Eclipse’s own Jack Wood. Our visitors got a taste of the Capital Offense experience, from rushing bases and stealthy flank runs through the woods to feasts, campfires, and shenanigans.  ‘Nuff said about that.  Once again TCO brought their A game and helped their side to victory.

Jack Wood on a push through an Enola Gaye smokescreen
Our 2016 schedule is an ambitious one packed with a ton of scenario action. We got right back into it with a January event at Boss Paintball - GI Joe vs. Cobra. At a key moment in the game a well-timed smoke screen and a hail of covering fire scored the game-winning prop for our side as we squeaked out a hard-fought win.

PE pro tech and TCO shooter QT "Aardvark" Nguyen 
In February we moved the battle to Adventure Beach Paintball for the annual Road to No Ends scenario. It’s a high point of our year – a flat field packed with skilled players and constant action. Plus it’s a great time to rent a big house and hang out as a team.

About to hit the field - Galaxy "foolycub" Lineberger
In April we split up to make Operation Overlord at SplatBrothers, Fallout: Silicon Valley at Command Decisions, and Police Academy at Sherwood Forest, before bringing things back together for the Con Thien event, a two day land-control big game.  By this point in the year we’ve amassed two Most Valuable Team awards and one Most Valuable Player, but more importantly we’ve had a chance to do what we love to do.

Capital Offense's Joel Krenzer taking the fight directly to the enemy
After a return trip to Living Legends, our next big project is the Team Capital Offense scenario skills summer camp at Line-of-Fire Paintball at the end of June.  This three-day camp will give participants the best upgrade money can buy – a player upgrade. We’ll focus on essential skills, from shooting stance to communication and team work. There will be mini clinics on topics as varied as old school woodsball tricks to effective anti-tank strategies.

Team Capital Offense, with guests, seconds before game on  

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