Grim Reapers are coming for you !!!

The Grim Reapers Sign With Planet Eclipse!
It's been coming for several years now and captain Jay “Shadowfox” Jordan could not be happier: 

“We are very excited to endorse Planet Eclipse!  We never endorse anything we personally do not use and believe in.  Several years ago a few of our players began using Planet Eclipse markers and as more players on the team tried them they would switch to them, and now the whole team uses them.  It just made sense.”   

Why did they switch?  James “Rook” Hineman Grim Reaper XO:  “For the scenario player you need a marker that delivers firepower, accuracy, efficiency, and smoothness.  On top of that it has to be quiet so it is not as likely to give away our position and it must be reliable. These markers deliver of all that.  Add to that their amazing customer service, and it's a no brainer”.

The Grim Reapers started out the season by putting on the scenario event called “Return to Predator's Bane” at Indy Battleground in Indianapolis, IN in which Planet Eclipse helped to sponsor.  It was the largest number of players that ever attended an event at the park and was an immense success.  Every team said they would be back.  According to one of the field owners and pro shop manager Kevin Black, the Reapers produced a first class event.  The officiating was excellent, the missions were challenging, they even had missions for the “Young Guns” to get the kids involved. It was the best event I have ever seen, played in, or been a part of”. 

April first and second found the Grim Reapers at the Iwo Jima event at White River Paintball in Anderson, IN .  According to Edwin “Malo” Serrano, the Reaper's HWS squad leader:  “They always have quality events here.  It's a great field layout with some of the best officiating you will find.”  Here the Reapers were part of the Kamikaze squad on the Japanese side functioning as the QRF and running missions.  Their impact was significant - so much so, the Kamikazes were awarded a team MVT and Shadowfox was awarded the “Sportsmanship” award.

Latter in  April the Reapers traveled to PaintballToGo in Illinois, where they helped the Allies bring home the win.  Field owner Bill Baily does a great job re-enacting the “Battle of Monte Casino”.  From the opening beach landing to the fight for the Abbey, the event captures it all. The Grim Reapers were assigned to be one of the main mission teams and completed their missions. Now that everyone on the team has upgraded to a higher quality marker in Planet Eclipse, the team's ability to move through an area in a scenario field has increased exponentially.  The Axis general noticed and saw fit to award them their “Most Formidable Opponent” while their own general awarded them the “Sportsmanship” award.  “The two best you can win in my book,”  according to team scout Ray “Loki” Babbitt.  “It's humbling to be noticed in this way and means a lot because we really want to help all those around us.”

Next up for the Reapers is the Oklahoma D-Day event.  If you are at any of our events, take up the “Reaper Invitation”.  Check out our schedule; please like us on our Facebook page, come stage with us and try out an ETHA or the brand new GTEK.


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