Beira Mar - SMASH IT !!!

On 19th of June the 3” stage of the Portuguese National Championship at Vila do Bispo – Algarve took place..

It was a very hot day and one that our team had to show why we are the best team… So it was a very important 3” stage for us.

The last two stages of the Championship were a disaster. We took a third and eighth place finish, so this 3” stage was crucial if we still wanted to fight to get near the podium at the end of the Championship, and maybe, renew our title as Champions.

Everyone in the team knew how important it was to play well and try not to do many mistakes… that’s why we practice the two weekends before and also the day before the championship, in our minds we were ready to play and win.

We started the morning knowing we would play 3 games before semifinals; the first game was against our B team, Beira Mar Silver. We knew, it would be difficult because sister teams always want to show that they are better than the A team, and they came from their first ever win against us in the second stage of the Championship… knowing that and also knowing this is the team we practice with, we had to play our best to win… good communication, being very offensive not giving them room to breathe we got a 4/0 win.

The second game was against a new team called “Amarelos”, they also took their first win against us during the 2º stage of the championship that was not acceptable to happen again… Like the first game of the day, this one was very similar; we knew what mistakes were not to be repeated, so we started strong and not giving any chance of being threatened by them. It was an easy win by 5/1.

On the last game of the morning we would be playing the top ranking team “Paintshop”, they are the team we like to play against, like us they have experienced millennium players, so playing against them is always fun and difficult. By now, even before this game both teams already are in the semifinals both with two wins, but, also both teams want to be first in the group… the game started bad for us conceding the first point, and with long drawn out  points it’s always better being in front… after changing some things we managed to tie the points, unfortunately Paintshop ran a quick point and we did not have enough time to come back, we lost 3/2 in a good game like always with Paintshop.

Lunch time, now we had to wait and see which team from the other group got first place. That was the team we would play the semifinals. It happens to be one team we knew very well, Blue Falcon.

We started a bit nervous, our objective was not that game, it was the final, but for that we need to win them… they got 2/0 really easy and we were unable to stop them, our game was not putting any pressure or stop them to move forward, they shot us on the break, we got penalties, it was not working, so our mind set had to change… it did.
We came from a 2/0 and got tied at 3/3 at the end of game time… not cool as we had to play extra time. Both teams played safe on extra time, until blue falcon got a snake side penalty, two for one, and our game opened leading us to victory… FINALLY we got what we wanted, the FINAL.

In this third stage the final of the Portuguese National Championship was against Paintshop, again… but now we were ready, we would not make the same mistakes.

Again, like in the semifinal, we started the game losing 1/0 and a penalty at the end of that point. Making us enter the second point with only 4 players… we  took ground and got 3 kills but unfortunately with their extra man it just wasn’t enough to take that pointt… from that second hard point we felt we could do it. We started playing in different positions and making different moves that Paintshop did not react well to, this was the best game of the day (final normally are) Both teams were playing very well, good gun fights, smart moves, very good communication, even with the M500 format it was cool to see both teams shooting every little bit of paint they could. With one minute to the end we were winning 3/2, and at 20 seconds we were winning 4/2… those last 20 seconds the game was ours to win so we just got to our spots, shot our guns closing every possible move they could think, the time went by and it was over, we won.

It was a victory we fought hard to get, but we did everything a pro team does when they really want something, we practice, we talk, we learn the field and we were a team every second of the way.

Beira Mar Paintball Team would like to thanks