Heaven has a new Angel today…

Angie Bordaen was hit with ALS a couple of years ago but she refused to let the crippling disease stop her being involved in the sport she loved. She remained active in the business as well as attending as many events in Europe and the USA as she could. Angie was loved by so many for so many different reasons. I for one have had many a crazy conversation with Angie over the years, she cost me a fortune when she took my wife out shopping in Orlando. But I will remember her for her strength in the face of a horrible decease.

If you don’t know what ALS is it’s a disease that the Ice Bucket Challenge helped to raise a huge amount of money for. Huge break throughs in ALS due to the money and awareness the Ice Bucket challenge created, unfortunately too late to help Angie…

Today is a very sad day. My thoughts are with Frank who has been a rock by Angie’s side during these very difficult last few years and to Angies friends and family.

Rest in Peace Angie and get a tourney series started in heaven please !

You will be missed :-(

As Angie had Tattooed on her arm “Live Life to the Fullest

Ledz and everyone at Planet Eclipse….


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