OPL Event #2

The Ontario Paintball League recently held Event 2 at Flagswipe Paintball outside of London, Ontario. The weekend was filled with beautiful weather until Sunday afternoon during the finals, when a short, but mighty storm rolled into delay the Division 3 games for 30 minutes.  Despite the wrath of the storm, the games ran smoothly and teams had fun with smiles all around.  Thanks to the great paint from GI Sportz, and amazing teching services provided by Planet Eclipse the Tournament finished without a hitch.

The Ontario Paintball League is a new league in Canada and has already made big moves in the tournament scene.  Offering huge cash prizes at each event, free water and fruit for the players as well as free paint for teams that make the finals!   

Division 4 featured 12 teams,  Northern Momentum, Loyalty, Adrenaline Afterlife, Leisure Kings, Chargers D4, Niagara Paintball Park, Black Hammers 2.0, Joyceville Juveniles, London Rippers, Team Explicit, DirtFarside, and Mount Brydges Suicide Squad.  

With Northern Momentum taking 1st place, Black Hammers 2.0 taking 2nd, Loyalty taking 3rd and Adrenaline Afterlife taking 4th place.  

Division 3 featured 6 teams,  Chargers D3, Northern Loyalty, Ontario  Rush, Dangercats, Velocity, and Heroes.  

Chargers D3 took 1st place, Dangercats took 2nd place, Northern Loyalty placed 3rd, and Ontario Rush finished in 4th.  

We are looking forward to our 3rd event which will be held at Golden Beach Resort just south of Peterborough, Ont. July 30th/31st.  This event will be our first event running our Free live webcast so players from all around the world can watch the action! 

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