Get ready to join the ETHALUTION

The ETHA has been a huge success for Planet Eclipse markers and a huge success for our customers, but as you know we don’t stand still for too long and we're always developing our technologies to bring you the very best paintball equipment that we can. The ETHA has been locked away in our labs for some time and has received a serious overhaul. In fact, it’s been completely redesigned to be the best ETHA possible.

The ETHALUTION has already begun, but the official launch will be around February 2017.

Contact your local Eclipse dealer for more information and put your name down for a pre-order to be one of the first in line to join the ETHALUTION

In the meantime…tune in to our social media channels and keep your eye on the blog for more information and images of the ETHA2. You can also sign up to our newsletter for news before it reaches the masses.

Want more? Then keeps tabs on our Facebook page this weekend; you may see our very own Jack Wood broadcasting some sneaky LIVE in-game footage as he puts the ETHA2 through some field testing at Fulda Gap.

This is your roll call.

The ETHALUTION has begun.


The ETHA, evolved.


  1. I shot the Etha2 for the entire afternoon on Day 2 of Fulda Gap. Phenomenal! I can't say anything other than you need to shoot this marker to believe it! Get down to your local shop in 2017 and get your hands on one. You won't be disappointed.

  2. Je préfère le paintball milsim que je pratique parfois avec les tags milsim de Bordeaux qui sont sympas. Mais le millénium est vraiment sympas.

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