Mamba Needs You !!!!!

There’s one scenario paintball event that has drawn international attention each year for the past decade – Living Legends. The original Living Legends, held at CPX Sports in Joliet, Illinois, was conceived as a national-level scenario event that would also honor those who have helped elevate paintball. The notables recognized in the first year included industry pioneers, the founders of scenario paintball, and a handful of key players.

In the years that followed, the game and accompanying spectacle has grown, swelling attendance to rival the biggest paintball events ever, with thousands making the annual trip. This year, a Planet Eclipse-sponsored player, Richard “Mamba” Money of Team Capital Offense, will take the helm as general of the Titans’ side.

Mamba has made his name as one of the key commanders in scenario ‘ball.  He has taken a leadership role in over 20 games (either general, XO, or unit commander), including two stints as general at the Fulda Gap Mega Game. The first time Mamba commanded in that game, he lost by the narrowest point margin in the game’s history, but when he reprised his commanding role, he racked up sweet redemption in the form of what may be the largest point spread ever. 

As an experienced commander, Mamba knows how to focus on what’s needed to win while giving his teams a chance to do what they do best. If your team is eager to take bases, you’ll be asked to take bases. Can your team flank and infiltrate? Mamba will aim you towards the proper target. And when it’s time to sling paint, you’ll see Mamba at the front ripping on his Team Capital Offense LV1.

If you’re planning to attend Living Legends X, and you’re reading this blog, sign up for the Titans to play alongside Mamba and Team Capital Offense!

Jason “Foolybear” Lineberger plays scenario paintball for Planet Eclipse as part of Team Capital Offense, and he was honored to be on stage at the first Living Legends.  Check out his paintball adventures on his Instragram and Twitter (@foolybear). He already has his ticket to LLX. Titans!

Thanks to English Rose Photography for the pics:  


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