Beira Mar, great start to 2017....

Here we go again! 2017 season is starting, and Beira-Mar paintball team is here once again to dispute the Portuguese national championship and the RLA (Adrenalicia Lisbon Regional) tournament. During the off season, there weren’t too many changes to our roster, with the exception of an additional Dorito side player: Tiago Teixeira.

This last weekend, on Sunday (19th February), we kick started the year playing the Lisbon Regional Tournament of Adrenalicia RLA, at the Parque da Vila field, in Samora Correia. A really awesome, and organized field just outside the Portuguese capital.

For the prelims, we played four matches, against Amarelos, Blue Falcon, Parque da Vila and C4=RTU B. Because this was the first stage of the year, we did notice that our game was a bit slower than usual. However, we did make some solid points and ultimately obtained the win against Amarelos (2-0), Parque da Vila (2-1) and C4=RTU B (2-0). Unfortunately, the game with Blue Falcon, was the match that most showed the effects of the off season. We played slow and had a disorganized game, resulting in our first and only loss of this stage (0-2).

With three wins and a single loss, we advanced to the semifinals facing C4=RTU A. This was the only game that we felt we played at a pre offseason rhythm. We made a good and methodic game. With a sturdy win (2-0), and with our hopes high we made it to the finals.

This was our chance to get even at the team we lost in the prelims: Blue Falcon. Even though most of the day ended up working in our favor, we made sure that this was just another match, and that we needed to play each point at a time. We scored the first point and then Blue falcon was able to tie the game. At the end, our paintball proved to be more solid, and we got the final point on the board making it a win.

This was the first stage of the year, and like we said previously, we are not playing our usual paintball game. There is much work to be done if we want to achieve what we’re here for… the Portuguese National Championship, Spanish National Championship and the RLA title.

We want to take this chance to thank our sponsors who provide us with the best means and best resources to play quality paintball: