Planet Eclipse 5 from 5 - #01 Trade My Gun Outlaws

The NXL season is so close we can almost hear the buzzer. And with so many changes in the off-season we thought we'd get re-acquainted with our 5 NXL Pro teams to ask them all 5 simple questions to give us a rough idea of where they're at right now, as they prepare to go full bore on the field.

The first team in our Eclipse 5 from 5 series of interviews is the widely underrated Trade My Gun Outlaws.

Here's what they had to say.

PE: The Outlaws have been around for a while but not many people know too much about you. Can you give us history on the team? Who/how it started?

O: Well, Outlaws is really still a new team in comparison to other pros. We only played 2 years of divisional paintball winning World Cup in those 2 years and in 2nd year winning 7 man Pro world title NPPL. After those 2 years we were then asked to join the NXL in Pro bracket.  It's been tough, but anything you want should be. The Outlaws will be on that winning form very soon!

PE: You guys have a decent following, a young roster and play some great paintball. What are the goals for the Outlaws in 2017?

O: The Outlaws goal is always to get better after each point. You can't learn anymore than playing against best teams in the world. We are a proud organization that believes in all the young players on the circuit. Growth is our Goal.

PE: Which pro teams do you love to play against and hate to play against. And why.

O: Houston Heat. We respect those guys and their talent is endless. But that makes us want to prove hard work can over come. They have what we want!

PE: Who were your old school paintball heroes growing through the game? And why?

O: Wow, well I'm an old school player myself. And really did my best not to have heroes.  But I respected squads. Easy Ironmen, Shock and the All A's... plus, secret love for Image. Outlaws do have some guys that we talk about. Fedorov, Mishka, Rainey, Brown, Mitchell Jordan, Frank, Valdez and Arnold so many, but there you go!

PE: What’s your message to all the other pro teams in the NXL this year?

O: Outlaws never quit. Respect you all but we coming to get what we want!

Keep an eye out for Outlaws this season as they continue their progression towards their goals.