Planet Eclipse 5 from 5 - #02 Chicago Aftershock

When we talk about a 'busy off-season' few can come close to what Aftershock had to go through at the end of 2016. With pretty much their whole roster deciding to move on to other pastures–with the exception of Carl, Todd and Mikey– Shock had a teeny problem. They needed a squad. So the rebuild began and we now have a Chicago Aftershock team that is full of fight and ready to go toe-to-toe with the rest of the best.

We thought these guys needed to give us some more insight with a 5 from 5.

PE: So. One or two roster changes for 2017…as in almost everyone! How has that affected the mindset of the team? Negative? Panic? Or a new found fire in your belly?

AS: Obviously no team looks forward to losing all but one of their (on field) players but that is the position we found ourselves in. Retirement for some, the grass is greener for others, a few we didn't want back. Mike Bruno has rebuilt us with a strong emphasis on heart, youth, and desire to succeed. All these guys have earned their shot, now we'll see what they have.

PE: You guys are one of the teams that everyone wants to do well. Especially us, we’re huge Shock fans. You were also the only team to beat Impact at Cup last year. Do you think heart, grit and sheer determination is the ace up your sleeve? You apply this better than any other team out there.

AS: Aftershock has always been a team that prides ourselves on the depth of our heart. Unfortunately heart on its own is not enough to consistently win the day. We will maintain our determination as we gain valuable experience.

PE: Which pro teams do you love to play against and hate to play against. And why.

AS: Our favorite teams to play are the ones we beat and our least favorite are the ones we don't. The best teams to play are Dynasty and Impact. You can't be the best until you beat them.

PE: If you could have any old school Aftershock player on the team, who would that be? And why?

AS: The Old school player to bring back...for this team it would be John " Spud " Jackson. Never our best skill wise, but the heart and soul of a very winning team. No matter what he always made us believe we could win any game, no matter how much pressure, and beat any opponent.

PE: What’s your message to all the other pro teams in the NXL this year?

AS: As Mike recently said " Don't sleep on us. The day is coming."

We can't wait to see what Shock's new roster brings to the team. One thing we can be sure of, they're gonna put on a show.

Photo: George Fava


  1. You lads will always do well spirit all the time that what make you... As for the old school boys 'this old school boy would start playing again what fun them days were' will be watching you all as much as one can over the coming year to see you kick some if not a lot of ass ;) Vino U.K Fat Freddie's cat / Alamo heroes / mufs ;) good luck


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