Real American Heroes at Boss Paintball with Foolybear

Boss Paintball, not far from Charlotte, NC, is developing a reputation for fun, competitive one-day scenario paintball games. Players have come to expect simple rules, engaging missions, and balanced teams.  And that’s exactly what they got at Real American Heroes – a GI Joe themed paintball scenario.   The event was easy to understand, full of great paintball action, and it came down to a narrow point margin for the finish.  Great all around!  Instead of a blow-by-blow of the game, here’s my Top Four list of what made this an event to remember.

4.  Balanced teams. Although GI Joe ran ahead on the first mission and controlled both flag stations, the producer swapped a willing swing team, Shadow Dragon Initiative, and balanced the game for a much more competitive second half. Both sides fought hard for every inch of ground! Cobra came back and put the win within their evil grasp by game’s end.

3.  Simple missions.  In the morning period, the sides had two flag stations to take and some props to collect.  The afternoon switched to three flags and different props. First time scenario players had no trouble knowing what to do, and that kept everyone focused on the action.

2.  The field. Boss is a great paintball field that keeps getting better.  If you like the long, slow flank move, you can make it, or if you want to take or defend a base, you’ve got it. There’s a town, a virtual maze of bunkers, a village, woods, and more.  And it plays well.

1.  The action. When you add teams, missions, and field together, you get action. Some battles devolve to bottlenecks and stalemates. The flag stations and prop locations at Boss allowed both sides to assault from multiple angles. If one approach failed, another opened up, and the constant respawn gave teams the chance to push from one direction, stall out, change tactics and figure out a solution. Taking a defended position is one of the most satisfying experiences in paintball, especially when it doesn’t come easily.

Cobra’s comeback ran out of steam about halfway through the afternoon mission, but they regained their momentum in the final battle and made the final outcome a nail-biter!  The snakes put up a good fight, but the good guys triumphed in the end.  Now you know.  And knowing is half the battle!

Jason “foolybear” Lineberger plays scenario paintball for Team Capital Offense.  Catch the action on his Instagram and Twitter (@foolybear). Special thanks to ScrapYard Photography for the great action shots! Want to see more? Head over to their Facebook page, pronto!