Black Eagles

After a few months of winter break activities like training, field work and visiting other fields, we finally got together again for the start of the season. Spirits were high, adrenaline was pumping and everyone was very eager to get out there and test our new markers. It was really awesome to see almost every member in full HDE camouflage with matching Gtek's, a LV1.1 and a couple of 160R's. This year we can't blame the gear.
Too bad the field had an urban/scenario setting and only a few bushes and trees, but we used them and the HDE to our full advantage, the shadowy room's and dark hallway's didn't require any form of camouflage since there were plenty of obstacles. But the next leg we get to use the environment again!
Games were fast and hard and shots came from every door opening and corner, and with so many flanking routes no plan or strategy had any chance. Only by adapting and sticking to a few designated roles we could take control and play the way we do best. Fast, with high risk and high rewards.
We learned the danger of those flanking routes the hard way. Which, in hindsight, cost us a few points which we needed in the end to take first place. But with the top 3 ending only 3 points within reach of each other we are happy to take home our first prize of the season and a hard fought 3rd place.
Lesson learned, we will be back, 
you aint seen nothing yet!

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