Bounty Hunters: The Spring Offensive

After a four-month off season, Bounty Hunters were primed and ready for our 2017 season opener, The Spring Offensive at White River Paintball in Anderson, IN. 

The first day began with the Bounty Hunters, along with our fellow British forces, sprinting from the beach and city into the woods to meet the advancing German forces. After an initial battle of attrition across the woodline, we wore down the German line, pushed into the woods, and surrounded the German base. With their backs against the wall, the Germans dispatched multiple air drops into the city, hoping to launch surprise attacks from behind our lines. When the air drops were successful and the Germans were able to take parts of the city, we sent groups to root out the Germans in building to building battles. When the air drops failed, as they did multiple times, the Germans were quickly annihilated in a hail of paint. By the end of the first day, the British lines had held and the majority of the ground was ours, allowing us to complete the most of our missions.

On day two, the starting points were switched. Any thought that our day-one dominance was due to our starting position was quickly erased as we charged through the woods and out into the edge of the beach and city. The lone German group to penetrate into the woods was quickly repelled. To the Germans’ credit, they continued to battle throughout the day as the city changed hands multiple times. However, in the end, the British once again held more territory and completed more missions, allowing us to take home the victory.

Bounty Hunters are proud to be sponsored by Planet Eclipse for the third year! We are impressed with our new Planet Eclipse Elite HDE pants. In addition to the camouflage the HDE pattern provides, the flexibility and decreased weight of the material make for easier maneuvering on the field.

 We’re looking forward to another great season as our schedule takes us to fields in Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and North Carolina. To keep up with the Bounty Hunters, find us on Facebook at

Photos by Integrity Shots Paintball & Airsoft Photography