SPL- Lakeland.

SPL, Lakeland on April 8-9,2017..

Social Paintball League (SPL) held their second leg at Central Florida Paintball in Lakeland , Florid..Over 65 teams in D4/D5 5-man and D4/D5/D6 3-man to compete..

Planet Eclipse were onhand offering tech support..

Team Impacts Keith Brown a Florida native was present signing autographs for young Paintballers.

Congrats to all of our teams.

Results from the 1st Leg:

D4 5-man:

1st-Orlando Savage
2nd-Southern Rage Pb
3rd-University of Tampa Spartans

D5 5-man:

2nd-Weston Legacy X
3rd-PTW Red

D4/5 3-man:

1st- Dead Rabbits
3rd-Tampa Bay Raptors

See you at the next SPL event,will you be ready!!??

Dead Rabbits 1st 3-Man
Thanks to  
#zerotoherophotography and #socialpaintballleague 
for the team pic.