Very CSpecial Fades #02

And we're off!

What did you think of yesterday's fade? Pretty sweet right? Just to clarify - yesterday's fade is actually what is available to buy TODAY and the fade we show here will be available TOMORROW. Got it? Good. So, on with the show!

Who doesn't like a bit of insane neon pink? Due to the popularity of our Tokyo CSR last year we thought we'd have a play with the colours on a CS1, but with a reverse element thrown in. A reverse fade starts and ends with the same colour, in this case Pink > Purple > Pink. If this is right up your street then check out the release time below or if it's too loud for your tastes...maybe something more subtle will follow?

If you wanna get involved with the fade conversation then check out the PBNation thread and if you just wanna get your hands on one they'll ONLY be available at our US Store (sorry rest of the world).

So here it is, the bright, the bold...

Say hello to Pink/Purple (Reverse) Fade.

ONLY available to buy from our US Store from 09:00am EDT / 04-29-17

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Until tomorrow.