Very CSpecial Fades #03

Something for the less 'shouty' paintballer.

Yesterday's blast of neon pink and purple may have been a touch strong for those who like their markers more subtle, so today's offering may be right up your street.

It's called Olive/Black but actually the dark part of this fade is a very, very dark green and looks pretty neat in the metal. No entirely stealthy, but definitely more toned down. We may even go as far as saying classy.

If you wanna get involved with the fade conversation then check out the PBNation thread and if you just wanna get your hands on one they'll ONLY be available at our US Store (sorry rest of the world).

Say hello to Olive/Black (very dark green) Fade.

ONLY available to buy from our US Store from 09:00am EDT / 04-30-17

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Until tomorrow.