Very CSpecial Fades #04

We're already at the halfway point, just 3 more fades to go after this one.

And it's another Toxic fade, but a little meaner and moodier than the Aqua Toxic we kicked off with.

Blue on blue always looks cool and we're pretty blown away by how badass this one turned out, especially with the Toxic Splash. Something about this whole package makes sense, we don't think this will hang around for too long.

If you wanna get involved with the fade conversation then check out the PBNation thread and if you just wanna get your hands on one they'll ONLY be available at our US Store (sorry rest of the world).

Say hello to Blue Toxic Splash Fade.

ONLY available to buy from our US Store from 09:00am EDT / 05-01-17

You now the drill, let's see your comments, let us know what you love or don't love about these fades.

Until next time.