Beira Mar - The season begins !

After we lost the last championship in Spain in 2016, we came in this year with even more ambition to try and bring home to Portugal the EXPL title.

We played the EXPL league on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday the venue hosted a 3vs3 tournament, which we participated and took first place.

The first game we played Salvages. Without knowing anything about this team, we made our usual aggressive game and it worked out well for us, with some points lasting for only 30 seconds. We won 4 to nothing.

Our second match was up against a team who is also running for the title, Imperial Army. We knew it was going to be a hard game, and who ever made the least mistakes would win. We made a good start to the game, reaching the first point, but then some stupid basic errors were made on our part, costing us 4 points on the board and finally the game. It was time to head back to the drawing board and try to figure out what went wrong, and what we could do to make it right. It was time for the next game.

We started the match, with our head in the game. We knew we couldn’t afford more mistakes, because it could put our advancement to the finals in jeopardy. We stepped into the field with Tematic Xball. We unfortunately lost the first point, but we knew our game was stronger than theirs. We focused and scored 5 straight points, taking the win 5-1.

The fourth game was against King Paintball, which we started off with 3 points on the board. On the 4th point we took a penalty that made us enter the field with only 4 players, we realized that they would take this opportunity to jump on us, and that if they scored they would have the momentum on their side and possibly cause complications for us. So we asked for a time out to brake their rhythm, this was essential to put one more point on the board and hold 45 seconds of game left. We won 4-2.

The last game of the prelims was played against the house team: Arca Gandia. At this point we had to win this last match if we wanted to advance to the finals, even though it no longer depended just on us. Because they were playing in their home field, they had the audience on their side which is always a factor. However, we played our game and we won 3-1, with well fort points.

The prelims were over, and we were waiting for the call of the only 2 teams that would head into the finals. Unfortunately, the first 3 teams all had 1 loss each, and we ended up not reaching our goal. We got the 3rd place. This stage did not go as we wanted, however there is still range of improvement, seeing this is only the first of five stages.

Want to take this opportunity to thank our sponsors for all of the support they have been giving us: