Bounty Hunters: Predators Bane 3

The Bounty Hunters could not have asked for better weather at Indy Paintball Battleground in Greenwood, IN for our second event in 2017, Predators Bane 3.

Day one began with Bounty Hunters and the rest of the Special Forces sprinting toward the city from the infamous Brig. Moments after the starting horn, an invincible Predator took out multiple Bounty Hunters in a sneak attack. We quickly regrouped and were able to win an open-ground battle to capture the highly coveted city spawn point.  Throughout the day Bounty Hunters worked hard to complete objectives and missions. Each one was met with formidable resistance. However, through persistence, we were able to secure a daunting lead over Blackwater at the end of the first day.

The Bounty Hunters and the rest of the Special Forces capitalized on our morale from the first day and, although starting in the woods, were able to quickly dispatch any Blackwater troops to take the city spawn again.  With our day one success in the back of our minds, we used that momentum to capture 3 flags, complete all but one mission, and even assemble the antenna (the first team to complete this objective in Predators Bane history). We entered the final battle with heads held high. A 45 minute battle is all that separated us from the victory we fought so hard for.  After the battle was over it was evident that against all odds Blackwater had secured more points in the final battle. However, it was not enough as the Bounty Hunters along with the rest of the Special Forces claimed victory in Predators Bane 3.  In addition, Bounty Hunters were presented with a General’s Special Service award.

Always striving to promote Planet Eclipse, multiple Bounty Hunters members took time during the event to show off our new Etha 2. We raved about its premium features at an economical price, including Bounty Hunters' favorites: Lock+Load Battery System, Tool-Less grip access, and the smooth and ultra-reliable Gamma Core Drivetrain.  Although some Bounty Hunters love the marker so much it was difficult to get it out of our hands, we loaned out the marker multiple times to show players what joining the Ethalution is all about!

The next event on deck for Bounty Hunters is "Invasion of Normandy" at Conder's Paintbal in Elizabethtown, KY. We hope to see you there! To keep up with the Bounty Hunters, find us on Facebook at