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[dih-vel-uh p]  Verb (used with object).

1. To bring out the capabilities or possibilities of;
bring to a more advanced or effective state.

To many, the Eclipse CS1 altered the high-end marker landscape for good. With its incredibly soft shot, minimal kick, bullet-proof reliability and quiet sound signature it gave the professional athlete the ultimate tool needed to succeed. But in an increasingly fast-paced and wildly competitive arena where success is expected, the pressure for players and teams to develop and improve is huge, so we must match this pace with improvements to our equipment.

Taking influences from the CSR and CSPro versions of the CS1, the CS1.5 brings a well balanced performance package that will continue the success of the platform. And the on-field success for those who use it.

Gone are the sweeping lines and curves of the original, replaced with a more direct and angular styling package of hard edges and notches throughout hinting at the CS1.5s ‘all business’ attitude. These cutting styling cues continue with a bespoke POPS design and blade trigger completing the look. The cosmetic changes continue with a new low-profile feed neck with self-locking sprocket thumbwheel to streamline the profile of the CS1.5.

Finally, the hugely popular Shaft FL carbon fibre barrel system that debuted with the CSR (designed and manufactured in collaboration with DeadlyWind™) has been added to the package for optimum performance and weight saving intent. And speaking of weight, the CS1.5 weighs just 892g, over 90g lighter than the original CS1.

In short, the Eclipse CS1.5 is proof that through continual development we can truly make something great, even greater.

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