PJ on Tour @ Legends Paintball Series

Well I made my way thru Colombian Customs… “destination”…. “Hard Paintball in Bogota , Colombia”. Surprisingly no questions so I grabbed my tech support bag full of Spare Parts and off we go to the field. After nearly 2hrs of traffic I arrived to one of the best fields in South America. Owner David Albarracin was there to greet me with a couple shots of Aguadiente. The local nectar round these parts.

Hard Paintball is one of the fields used to host the LEGEND PB Event. Since its inception in early 2015, LEGEND has produced some of the best tournys in South America. Felipe Huertas, Carlos Neira( AL Limite PB) and David Albarracin (Hard PB Field)  have joined together to produce a top notch Paintball Event. Also joining us in Bogota was Dan Perez (FELAP Referee Commission) to make sure the Refs were up to date with the most current NXL rules in place.

Saturday morning was nice at a chilly 57 degrees at 6:30am as the teams started rolling in.. Nearly 30 teams came from all over the country. A total of 4 teams were from Panama. It was great to see that Foreign teams are beginning to attend the event. In particular team Piratas, who shoot, live and die Planet Eclipse were on deck and ready to go to work. 

With my Tech Booth set up little minor issues started popping up..The usual Ball Detents,incorrect settings, incorrect colored o-rings,and dirty eyes are pretty common. I set up a small Maintenance Tech Course for the Planet Eclipse gun owners on how to properly lube and basic maintenance to keep their markers running smoothly..

Sunday was blessed yet again by the Paintball Gods with a light shower. No effect on the field as the soccer green trimmed grass absorbed the water with ease. The Finals kicked at 4:00pm right on time.

Games were pretty heated but kept under control by some amazing Reffing.
Congratulations to WILD DOGS, PRO KIDS, TEMPLARIOS, PIRATAS PTY,and RANGER COMMANDO on winning their respective divisions.

With that said the Awards Ceremony begun handing out Trophies, Medals and prizes and the celebration and Aguadiente began to run freely :-)

See you at the 3rd leg of LEGEND SERIES in the beautiful city of Medellin, Colombia.

Ask yourself, will you be ready to become a LEGEND ?? Thank you Planet Eclipse,Hard Paintball and AL Limite Paintball. 

See you at the next one…… We Got Your Back!