PJ On Tour... MVPS Event #2 Florida

Nothing like a quiet 3 hour drive to clear the mind. Destination, Xtreme PB Xperience host of event#2  for Maximum Velocity Paintball Series (MVPS) Spring Skirmish. Field owners Billy and Danna Matney have been running XPX for quite some time and are known for being one of the best Paintball Fields in Florida.  XPX was in the process of setting up a second field for games the next day. After picking a good spot to set up the Tech Booth I got to work setting up the tent, table, chairs and banners to have everything ready for games early Saturday morning....Players were pleased to say the least. 

Saturday met us with overcast conditions for a good part of the day and of course the Paintball Gods blessed us yet again with a slight shower just to keep things fun and wet. Teams rolled in and the minor issues started to pop up. Nothing I hate worse than a Paintball player that never cleans their marker. I fix markers, my job isn't to clean them for you! What can I say, I'm grumpy in the mornings, LOL.. Over 50 teams came from all over the state to compete in 3 Divisions. The D4  5-man had 17 teams. D5 5-man had 17 teams also. And lastly D6 3-man had the most with a total of 18 teams. Teams geared up and games got on their way. An extra bonus was the 1 v 1 which gave players a crack at some extra cash if they could come out on top. Well Done to Josh Nevius for winning the 1 on 1 Event.

Sunday rolled around and it was time to see who was gonna go home with the bacon. Some teams were on fire...for example, Miami Devious that just came back from NXL, Dallas with 1st and 2nd place trophies.  XPX , TEAM SPEED , ROUTE7, PTW , SB WHITE , and NINJA GANG were just a few of the teams that were foaming at the mouth with hunger...The reffing was tough but fair. The games were fast and brutal at times. 

In the D6 3-man the champions were SHENANIGANS with TEAM SPEED in 2nd followed by ADRENALIN PB BLACK in 3rd. 

In the end in the D5 Champions were CBK followed by DDP and SB WHITE rounding out 3rd.

In the D4 5-man top honors went to  ROUTE7 who edged out MIAMI DVS , and in 3rd was ADRENALIN ARMY. 

Congratulations to all of our teams and be ready for the 3rd leg of MVPS. Till the next one, remember...