Very CSpecial Fades #07 - The Finale

Yep. That's it. We're done. No more one-off wicked fades to show you.

And we leave the party with a super subtle but insanely nice Blue/Navy Fade.

This ticks all the boxes. It's smooth, subtle, balanced and just straight up badass. In fact we had to use our best charm skills to liberate this from production. Everyone had a 'thing' for this but it can be yours if you're quick enough.

If you wanna get involved with the fade conversation then check out the PBNation thread and if you just wanna get your hands on one they'll ONLY be available at our US Store (sorry rest of the world).

Say hello to Blue/Navy Fade.

ONLY available to buy from our US Store from 09:00am EDT / 05-04-17

Thanks again for reading and for those who managed to get their hands on one of these babies we hope you enjoy every shot together.

Until next time.