Beira Mar at the RLA

On the 9th of April, we went back to Parque da Vila in Samora Correia to play the second stage of the RLA (Adrenalicia Lisbon Regional).

This tournament consisted of 14 teams divided in to three groups. Of these 14, two of them, Sport Lisbon Benfica and Paintshot (under the name of Parque da Vila), premiered on this league. The best of luck to them!

The next group was composed by Estoril Praia, Falcões azuis, Reloaded and ourselves. We started the day with a 2-0 win against Estoril Praia, which has some experienced players, however we planned our game and we were able to play it accordingly and calmly, ultimately resulting in our win.

Our second game of the day was against Falcões azuis. We didn’t change much in our game plan, we tried to keep the same posture and to rotate some of our players. We ended up winning our second game of the morning 2-0.

After the lunch brake, we still had two games of the prelims to play, one of them didn’t happen as the team were a no-show. So we ended up just playing Reloaded, on which we also didn’t change anything on our game style, we stayed calm, reinforced our communication and got another 2-0 victory, finishing the prelims in first place of our group.

This time we faced Blue Falcon, a team that has constantly progressed through their paintball career, and that requires a lot of commitment and hard work to reach the win, which we ended up getting with our aggressive style of game 2-0, making it once again to the finals.

The other finalist to everyone’s surprise was Amarelos Paintball. They premiered themselves on the finals of RLA tournament and they were showing the will and determination to win, however we were playing on the other side of the field, and we are used to playing and winning finals. We played the same game we were playing during the entire day, the same confidence and determination, and never underestimating the opponent. Continuing with our aggressive style, our all over impressive communication and guns up posture, we managed to obtain the victory, again with a 2-0, the final win of the day and event, winning the second stage in a row of the RLA, with 5 wins and 0 points lost :-)