Beira Mar.. Event 2 of Portuguese League

2nd Event Portuguese League, Oliveira de Azeméis

Given that we wanted first place, we could not afford to make mistakes. We demanded everything from the players and everyone agreed, small mistakes between equal teams is what made the difference.

The first game of the Atlantic Games, Beira-Mar Gold was against the Blue Falcon Squadron, which resulted in a very satisfactory and comfortable victory of 5-1.
Confident of the game that we imposed in the first match we went up against an experienced team that waits for our errors, Benfica. In this match we lost 3-1.
In order to still make the finals we needed to win the remaining 2 qualifying rounds… And that’s exactly what happened against Estoril Praia, we took them to a 4-0 victory.
Our last chance of making the finals would be determined by Team Huargo. We left the match as winners with a firm 5-1, in which we controlled the entire game leaving us with added confidence for what was ahead.

Moving on to the semi-final we would play against SL Benfica. We knew what their game was as they had already beaten us in the prelims so our goal was to try and control it. It ended up being a game that involved a lot of tactics and intelligence from the players resulting in a victory 2-1.

Being stimulated by another final in the Portuguese League, we gave everything against Scporting, unfortunately on this occasion they were the better team and ended up winning with a 2-3 final score. Leaving another second place to Atlantic Beira-Mar Gold. 

We will leave this stage with our heads held high, we played well and controlled games in our favour. We know what we have to do to win, and in the next step, in Samora Correia we will give even more.

Thank you to all our sponsors for the best back up possible, truly a big part of the team: