The Grim Reapers Roll at Monte Cassino

The battle for Monte Cassino in World War 2 was a series of assaults vs the “Gustav Line” the Germans held in Italy during the mountain campaign.  It started with the Allied landings in Sicily and culminated with an attack on the Abbey of Monte Cassino.   Bill Bailey and Joe Schelten of PaintballToGo near Roodhouse, Illinois run a great scenario reenactment of the battle.

We started out in mock landing craft with the German side firing directly into us.  Using smoke and typical Reaper tenacity, we pounded their defensive line on the left flank drawing the flanking fire away from the center allowing our center force to take and defend the 1st flag.   As the gun sounded to end the first hour, and his left flank secure, General Michael Fisher secured the high ground by flag 2 and held it for the entire 2nd hour .  The Germans were tenacious and hit us with coordinated infantry and tank attacks, but the Allies held.  This is how the game would progress.  You attack one flag at a time in an area set up similar to the actual battle in WW2.  The whole field is open, so play is constant and missions are being run in other parts of the field. 

The fire power and reliability the Grim Reapers are fortunate to have in the form of their Reaper Geo CS1's is really evident during scenario events. When Planet Eclipse came through and put 16 of these bad boys into the hands of the Reapers, it really became a force magnifier.  Being the top of the line for Paintball markers in the world amplifies the ability of solid players.

Flags 4, 5 and 6 would be fought over in the afternoon of Day 1 with the Grim Reapers successfully completing several missions as well.  Flag 4 is at the bottom of an incredibly steep hill where the Germans can fire right down on top of you.  Flag 5 is in a narrow treeline with an open field on the left and a steep drop on the right which was perfect defensive terrain and the Germans took every advantage of it.   The Abbey flag 6 was set at the top of a steep hill with a narrow wood line to the left and right and open fields all to its front,  it would be one tough nut to crack.  Several times the Abbey switched sides.  Rocket launchers, chemical attacks, and smoke grenades were all used.  The Grim Reapers and a handful of Allied players pushed the left treeline and flanked the rear of the Abbey which prevented efficient reinforcement from the German insertion.  This was the turning point.  Day 1 ended with every flag in Allied hands and every mission complete.  Day 2 would be a different story.

With 3 flags to go in the event as day 2 dawned the Allies were confident in their successes - too much so.  Flag 3 would be fought over a huge supply ship which had a flag on its deck.  Looking more like a pirate ship (and is used as such at other events), it would prove to be too much for the Allies.  The Germans had received reinforcements (new teams) and a new commander, General Brain Mathews.  The Germans would win their first flag here and go on to win flag 8.   

Flag 9 would be the final flag and one of the best in many intense battles throughout the event. For 59 minutes and 50 seconds the Allies held the last flag against constant German pounding. But in the end, with an air assault through intense Allied fire, the Germans pulled flag 9.  Intense. Hats off to the Germans, though they would loose the event they would never give up.

It was a great event with intense fighting for 2 days.  Very well officiated and planned.  For the efforts of the Grim Reapers, General Fisher saw fit to award us with the MVT for the Allied side.  Many thanks to Planet Eclipse for your support and sponsorship and helping to make us who we are. 

Remember the Reaper challenge:  If you see us at an event  come by and try a new GTEK.  “Panda” tried one and loved it:  “Amazing how smooth it shoots for a gun in this price range.”

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