Beira Mar - EXPL, 2nd Event

What a day!!!

We had 3 prelim games at this event, the first game being against TEMATICXBALL which we secured a solid victory as Atlantic Beira Mar (4-0).

Following this match we then played against a good team, Barcelona Addiction. They were making good and aggressive moves but in our game we seemed to have the control of the layout and it turned out to be a great victory of (4-0). 

The third game of the prelims was against Imperial Army, full of experience and enthusiasm which showed as they were taking the lead (3-1). We made some crucial changes exploring the layout, we were able to lock the field and have more guns up off the break, turning it into a victory for ourselves (4-3).

Feeling strong and with the right will to win, we went up against King Paintball. They’re the most experienced side in all of Spain, great people and very good players in all positions. It was a tough game, we decided that we wanted to win even by a small margin, no reason to push for a bigger point spread, so we took a lead and then defended the field as they came at us, they needed the point but we held them at took the victory (3-2). 

In the final game against Imperial Army, we just didn’t play our style… They were very efficient on making us play their game which lead to 6 good points, with little errors by each team. But they had the control and turned out to be champions at the second event of EXPL, which they deserved, Imperial Army beat us (4-2). 

Thank you to all our sponsors for the best back up possible, truly a big part of the team.