We always love to hear from our teams, especially when they make a huge effort with their organisation. This release from Blackout Protocol in the States got us all excited about ION.

Read on:

This upcoming weekend, over 4,000 players will converge on the world's largest paintball event: Skirmish USA’s The Invasion of Normandy (ION) in Albrightsville, PA.

2016: the Planet Eclipse sponsored scenario team, Blackout Protocol (BOP), was recognized for the 4th time as the Most Valuable Team from the Allies, and as the Most Formidable Opponent from the Germans, also, for the 4th time!

Blackout Protocol, with a roster of 30 players (plus applicants), effectively uses the full array of Planet Eclipse markers to their advantage. From the humble and efficient Etha, to the top-of-the-line CS1, and everything in-between. BOP also adheres to a strict uniform policy and has chosen Planet Eclipse's HDE camo line due to its unique design, functionality, and effectiveness. You can usually find BOP on the front lines, functioning as ‘the tip of the spear’.

When asked, Blackout Protocol is quick to accredit a large portion of their success to the reliability and efficiency of Planet Eclipse Markers and gear. "From the most conservative of our shooters, to the most aggressive, we know our PE markers will deliver the rate of fire, air efficiency, and functionality we need, from tournament to field paint. Where we shoot is where the paint will go and that’s over the toughest terrain and any weather conditions we face."

The Blackout Protocol camp compound at ION has become a well know place for players from all teams to come socialize, relax, and share a few laughs with these ambassadors of the sport that is paintball. It's also a place to receive solid advice about anything paintball; just look for the team’s unmistakable logo proudly flying next to PE's Flag.

Planet Eclipse wishes Blackout Protocol a great ION 2017 weekend, and if you’re going to be there as well, we encourage you to stop by the BOP compound as well as our own PE tech tent!


Brick Sturner, PMP
Blackout Protocol Media and Sponsor Relations