Ledz has 'another' great idea...Part 01

Every now and again Ledz appears from his office with some crazy idea. More often than not we all smile, nod our heads and let him go back into his office and the idea is forgotten about. Until now. He just doesn't want to let this one go, so it looks like it’s happening.

But before we get into specifics, here's a little background on how Ledz was 'inspired' to do this project.

At the Paintball Extravaganza event in early 2017 Planet Eclipse launched the ETHA2, and also unveiled a prototype EMC Tactical body kit. The simplicity of the new EMC kit and the sheer adaptability of it (lots and lots of places to bolt stuff on to) seemed to have added fuel to Ledz’s flame, thus creating an incredible explosion of genius (in Ledz's mind) and he went ahead and commissioned an artist to make a pretty special ETHA2.

In all honestly, we quite like the idea, so we decided to let him have a blog series to follow its progress. It's the sort of project that we think a lot of the scenario guys out there will absolutely love. It's a pure custom, high end, fun piece of kit. Well, it will be when it's finished anyway.

Etha2, EMC kit and other bits.

Starting to play with colour.

To create this masterpiece Ledz hooked up with Johnson Arms who builds some pretty incredible models, props and other wonderful things. He'll be transforming the ETHA2 into something superbly sexy, but we won't go into too much detail just yet. Ledz was blown away by the quality of his work and gave Johnson Arms a basic brief of what he wanted but ultimately told him to just run with it; he knows he'll create a masterpiece.

We'll post a batch of updates when we have them, with more cool pics so you can see the work that goes into it and maybe get some cool ideas for your marker project.

It begins. Watch this space.

We urge you to check out Johnson Arms work on Facebook and Instagram:

Stay tuned for future posts. We can't wait to see more progress on this bad boy.


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