PJ on tour @ MXL, Guadalajara, Mexico

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I check the weekend weather report as I boarded my flight and the heat was on with clear skies ahead for the weekend. Destination on this voyage was Guadalajara, Mexico.. 

After a slight delay and chat with my friends  the "Mexican  Federalis".. I made my way to Quimera Sports and Events. This place was beautiful with 2 Airball fields , RecBall field, Bar , Food Court  and soccer fields . Truly a Mexicans paradise and one of the best Paintball fields South of the Border. 

I meet up with an old friend and owner Arturo Andrade. He is also an organizer of the  Mexican Paintball League (MXL). The MXL has grown exponentially and continues to gain strength. This event was also a qualifier in the Federacion Latin Americana de Paintball (FELAP). A federation that was made to promote , market,and unify all the different latin american paintball leagues in Central and South America.

Luis Quesada ,  FELAP Commissioner ,  was onhand handling media ,  promotion , and marketing. The idea of traveling and competing against different countries to play paintball is a thing of dreams.

National Xball League (NXL) sent down one of their own  , Matt Engles.. Matt was exited to get some footage and push it on Facebook via live stream. Just under 60 teams made their way down to the gladiatorial arena to battle in the sport we love. Some old and some new blood to. TJ Allstarz , Blackwater , Lions , Titans , Warriors Recoil , Scorpions , Xan Tolo , and  Vatos Locos were just a few of the teams that are exclusive Eclipse shootas..

Some of the local dealers were on hand with all kinds of Eclipse goodies. Border Paintball along with Jose Luis Alvarez (Planet Eclipse Mexico) were there to meet and greet and satisfy any cravings you might have. Adjacent to them was my Planet Eclipse Tech Booth. Had barely finished setting up before the first frantic baller showed up needing support. I pulled my tools out and got to work.  It is obvious some people just choose not to read the manual of their markers... RTFM..... What can you do.? So I showed him how to install his battery. :-)

Reffing was on point with Geraldo Richo , Hob Cannabico , and the tight knit group of refs that ref all the MXL's.. These guys have been working together for years and some are Certified NXL refs like Oscar Cueva.. These guys attend the NXL and bring back the ref knowledge if you know what I mean. These guys are fair but won't take any nonsense. Red flags will fly at the moment you try to push the boundaries. I tip my hat to these guys. They have the toughest job of all.

The teams began battling. The ammo of choice was Recoil Paintballs. Although they are the new guys on the block manufacturing paintballs , they have come a long way .. Mike Breto was on deck handling the paintballs and any questions customers might have. I have seen Mike walk up to teams with paint in the sun and offered advice as to how to keep paint fresh. Whether its in the car with the AC pumping or simply keeping it in the shade will keep you shooting straight. Recoils slogan is 'We makem nice"... 

Finals were incredible!! Planet Eclipse teams took everything in D3 Xball (PRO) division! Titans came in 1st followed by Blackwater in 2nd and rounding out 3rd was TJ Allstarz.  

Congratulations to all our teams and fans as we continue to give you the support and love you deserve. Hopefully I will see you soon at an event near you!! 

Until the next one... We Got Your Back !!!

One Game . One Love . One Planet