Techs On Tour - Steven Santuci @ UWL Mexico 2017

The UWL Mexico was held in Tampico Mexico, it drew in over 20 teams from all over Mexico and Costa Rica. The beautiful beaches or the amazing seafood may have been the biggest draw to the Tampico event for most teams, with 2 days of paintball being a small catch. The events south of the border seem much more laid back than those in the US as teams gathered for a big party the day before the event with lots of drinks, music, and traditional food of Tampico.   

The jungle-like terrain of the beach city of Tampico provided the perfect setting for the teams to battle for best woods-ball team in Latin America. Home team, Jarheads Tampico, was a clear favorite winning their 1st 4 matches.  While Recon2, a team from Matamoros, was close behind with a 3 and 1 record. Planet Eclipse has always had a very huge presence in the UWL with most teams choosing to pick up an Eclipse marker to play with, so it was not a wonder to see the top two teams making it to the finals shooting primarily Planet Eclipse markers.   

The two teams in the finals were the two teams making their presence known early on, Jarheads Tampico and Recon Matamoros. The two teams hashed it out in a back and forth match that came down to time, and when all was said and done, the home team Jarheads Tampico came out on top winning by 2 points.


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