Ten Of The Best - NXL Vegas

Ten of the best, we hear you cry. What's all this about?

Simple really. We take 10 of the pics that we really like from the various events throughout the year and curate them in one place for you. Right here. That's it.

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So let's start with NXL Vegas 2017.


All photos listed here have been taken for us by the amazing mister George Fava (Fava Photography).

Colt Roberts going hell-for-leather 

Alex Martinez watches patiently

Carl 'Microwave' Markowski doing what he does best

The old 'over-and-under' move

Carl 'Microwave' Markowski kicking up some dust

Thomas Taylor still taking names 

Who? Me ref?

Putting. In. Work. 

By any means necessary

The boys hang back while JC makes moves

We like showing you cool pics, so we'll keep doing it. Unless you'd rather we didn't. But for now, stay tuned for more.