EPL 5-Star Event by Mike Mullenix: Techs On Tour

Gerry, Planet Eclipse Master Tech, gave me little more than 24 hours notice before this event began asking me if i could attend. I was happy to move my schedule around to make sure that I could attend the event, but not without giving Gerry some scuff for waiting until last minute. We can't leave our players without tech support can we !

The day was a hot, muggy day. Hovering around 90 at 8am. There was a slight breeze from time to time. There were no clouds in the sky and i was thankful I grabbed a few bottles of water from home. As always early mornings throw up a few issues, i don't think some people had woken up :-)  Most were battery issues. I had to rebuild a Geo drive train and a rammer services to an Ego, but outside of that  nothing big. I didnt touch too many markers at this event. A lot of people had stopped by and thanked me for work I had previously done. Their markers were running well. This made me happy but i kept thinking, oh great I am going to be bored today.

When i didnt have any markers at my table, I was walking a square around my tent. About 100 feet x 100 feet. Trying to get those fitbit steps up instead of sitting. I walked down by the team tents and talked to a few teams. One of the teams in particular had asked me if after prelims, they could come up to my tent and if I could show them how to grease/clean their markers. I told them of course and to come see me when they were ready. They were a team out of NR Paintball. One of the One Nation teams. They came up and we went over the LV1 and the CS1. I had about 6 people standing under my tent watching me go through the markers and clean them and get them ready for the next time they play. It felt very rewarding because I didnt really think that this was something I could offer a whole team. They brought me water and offered snacks but since I went on my diet, I declined the snacks.  They thanked me and they were off.
The event ended around 4:30pm which was nice as it was really hot and humid. I packed up, said my good byes and off I went. until next time...
We Got Your Back !
- Mike