New Paintball Book - Out Now!

We love it when someone makes the effort to further promote the Sport we all love…. Paintball.

Spearhead Sports and Stuart Ridgel has done just that and released a book, which looks like it could be part of a series of books, called Paintball Communication 101: A Guide to Tournament Paintball Communication.

There’s something we like about the front cover, just can’t put our finger on what it is :-)

Here is a short intro to the book and Stuart…

I'd like to introduce Paintball Communication 101: A Guide to Tournament Paintball Communication, brought to you by Spearhead Sports and written by me Stuart Ridgel. Spearhead Sports is a paintball company focused around educating paintball players on how to play the sport of paintball and become better athletes all around. Whether you're playing competitive tournament speedball or just having fun in the woods with scenario play, we have something for you. If you're interested in becoming a better player; shooting more players and getting shot less, you have to learn some technical skills and make sure your mind and body is in good physical shape to compete. This is why I wanted to create something that will help focus on improving your game and teach you a few things you might not know. This book is meant to be a starting place and a resource to break down the different aspect of tournament paintball communication. You can tweak, add your own concepts or build off of the information I've provided. Also feel free to email or message me on your favorite social media sites and share any paintball knowledge with me! I'm always looking to learn new things and I know I still have a lot to learn in life and in paintball. Paintball has always been a huge part of my life and the moments I've experienced have been life changing. I can only hope to teach you some of the things I've learned throughout my years and help you grow as a person and a player. I'm extremely excited to have you join this journey with me and I look forward to our progress together. With your dedication and my paintball knowledge, we will get you to the highest level. Like anything in life it takes hard work to get to the top and run with the Champions. I wish you luck in your journey, if you need anything or have any questions please message me and let me know.

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