UWL Mexico by PJ: Techs On Tour

 I look out of my window aboard my flight and glance at the immensity that is Mexico City, North Americas largest city by population.  After a quick chat with the friendly Federalis (police)  I made my way outside to link up with a good friend Victor Diaz from team Venom and David" Perro"Garfias (RA Sportz) .

I buckled up and prepared for the 2 1/2 hour drive to a little town called Huasca, just outside the city. Huasca use to be a mining town during the 18th century and has become a popular attraction for tourist and locals alike. Although agriculture remains an important economically , the area is known for its beautiful waterfalls, canyons, lakes and dams. After a couple hours drive thru the mountains we pulled up to our destination , Commando Gotcha Paintball Field.

Commando Gotcha is host to the 3rd leg of the Ultimate Woodsball League (UWL)  , brainchild of Tom Cole. This event marked the 3rd year anniversary.

Tactical Woodsball format was the name of the game and games would be played on 2 Woodsball fields.

I have to admit it is nice to get away from Xball format that has become so popular and head back to the roots of our sport in the woods. I met up with field owner Pepe Trejo and UWL organizer Raul Ibarra. These guys have done so much to make this a top event in the 3 years that I have been attending UWL and it showed. Nearly 40 teams signed up to play in 3 divisions. First off we had the classic 10 man (10v10)  followed by 5man (5v5).. But the talk was all about the  all Womens 3v3 Stingrays Division.. 

Saturday morning was a cool 50 degrees as the teams moved into the Players Staging area. I setup the Planet Eclipse Tech booth and ready to get to work. Alot of GTEKs , ETEKs , and ETHAs were present at the event. Usually I see them in smaller numbers at Speedball events. But their abundance couldn't be ignored. Some of the setups were straight military equipped with lasers, scopes and rails that emulate Spec Ops soldiers. We have and EMC kit for that :-)

The 10man games got on their way and Planet Eclipse teams were hot out the gate. Hellfish, Venom and Defensores just to name a few. Unfortunately duties call for me to be in the tech booth and didn't really get to catch any games . Defensores came away with the gold with Carpinteros in 2nd. Rounding out 3rd was Paintbalaam in the 10man division.

Sunday came around and everyone was excited to see the Womens 3v3 . Congratulations to Raviosas on taking the crown and  Hellfish Pink and Hellfish Purple taking silver and bronze.

In the 5man division it was Cazadores with the 1st place trophy followed by Recon2 in 2nd and Defensores Black in 3rd.

I closed house and the local nectar (Tequila) began making it's rounds, but that’s a very different story :-)

I’d like to thank Raul Ibarra,  Pepe Trejo, Don Trejo, Jimena Ibarra, Jose Luis Galván,  The UWL and most of all Planet Eclipse. Until the next one. PJ.

 One game  One Love  One Planet