WIN Tickets For Poland's Scenario Big Game

That's right, our friends over in Germany at Paintball.De are giving away FREE tickets to 3 lucky winners for the awesome Scenario Big Game 19 in Poland at the end of August.

Now, we all love a big game and we have some fantastic sites and games in the UK but if you want more from your big game experience then traveling abroad is something you've just gotta try at least once. Different locations, different scenery, different styles of play (not to mention different beer) all lead to a pretty amazing bit of fun.

We caught up with Paintball.De 's 'Butch' to find out more about the contest and the event itself.

Hey Butch, how are things? For those who don’t know you – apart from being a massive dude – who are you? 
Ha ha, I'm not THAT massive... ok, maybe just a little. I work for Planet Eclipse – the world leading manufacturer of Paintball markers – in the German/continental Europe office and I'm taking care of B2B customers and traveling as a Planet representative to major Paintball events to provide brand and tech support for Paintball.De and Planet Eclipse.

Our man Butch, out in the field

Paintball.De are running a contest for tickets to the Scenario Big Game at the moment right? Tell us more.
Well it's pretty simple, in cooperation with the organiser we're running a kind of a raffle for 3 tickets for the SBG (1 for each winner) and on top of that every winner will get a Planet Eclipse weapon of choice for the battle. All you need to do is share the image we posted on our Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages using our contest hashtag #paintballdeSBG19 and your name goes into the pot! Winners will be announced Wednesday, 8th of August! Check out the links at the end of this post.


One contest, 3 tickets

Cool. So what is the Scenario Big Game? 
The SBG is an awesome big game located in Brozek, Poland, just across the German border and it delivers everything you can imagine from a woods/scenario big game experience. And more!  Just the hard facts are amazing: 3 days, 850 players, 4 armoured vehicles in-game like a real Russian T55 main battle tank, concreted bunkers, trenches, but also untouched woodlands. From my point of view there are far more parts to the game that you can discover in one weekend. I've been attending for the last 2 years and to be honest it's one of my personal favourite Big Games; so many positive things are coming together to create a really unique paintball experience. Very professional organisation, ALL THE TIME with enough REFs on field too, nice game scenario, good paint in different ranges for a fair price, good infrastructure regarding off field needs, perfect catering, players party with some amazing entertainment, it's just a great event.

Real, working military vehicles? Yes please! 

What us more about what you do as Paintball.De and Planet Eclipse when you're there?
Basically my main mission on this event is taking care of players who needs tech support for their Planet Eclipse guns to keep them playing hard all weekend. That's what they came for so that's what we go for, to help them have the most fun possible. We as Planet Eclipse want to be partner of the players, not just a manufacturer with an anonymous bunch of customers. We're going to bigger events, to be there, having the contact with the players and help to keep their guns rollin'. It's great and I'll admit, the occasional beer may cross our palms and we too like to share war stories with the players. We're also running a 'Free Test Drive' experience where players can play with one of our available Planet Eclipse markers to see what all the hype is about. They can also visit our Service Booth and check out the latest HDE gear out.

Butch, at your service!

And this isn't just limited to Planet Eclipse customers. If you have a broken marker from a different brand and nobody is able to help you, just come around and catch a free test gun and we keep you in the game!

Have you personally ever played?
For sure, I decided I need to have a firsthand experience and I joined the game for a few rounds in the past. I mean it's hard to explain the feeling, when you're hiding behind a REAL battle tank rolling into enemy lines; the ground is shaking, you can't hear anything because of the noise of rolling tracks and the roaring engine, you know? I've been playing paintball for over 20 years and when you're in that moment, you've gotta check your underwear.

Big game needs a big tank! 
Where there's smoke... there's fun!

Should the Scenario Big Game be on every big game players bucket list?
Did you not listen to my words above?!?! Every paintballer needs to go there at least once and our contest gives 3 people the chance to do just that. For FREE!!

So there you have it, straight from the horse's mouth... or giant's mouth. If you want to have a chance of winning FREE tickets to the Scenario Big Game then head over to Paintball.De Europe on Facebook, or Google+ (or both if you wanna double your chances).

For more information about the Scenario Big Game check out their website HERE

Paintball.De is based out of Germany and now offers its services to both German customers AND the rest Europe. Click the links below for the relevant site.