Marines v Predators : Urban Paintball Big Game

Paintball is awesome. We all know this, which is why we all love to play it. It's not just awesome because we get to shoot fancy paintball markers and wear cool gear – although who doesn't love to show off their gear bag to inquisitive individuals – but it's awesome because of the sheer variety of game formats, playing environments and the new friends we make every time we play.

So we always get a buzz when we get the opportunity to work with new paintball organiser who bring some incredible locations to the table.

The latest to catch our eye in the UK is run by Urban Paintball who host a limited number of a big game events throughout the year. Now when we say big games, we're pretty blown away by how BIG big actually is and when we heard about the next event on 22nd-24th September (Marines v Predators) our trigger fingers started to itch, so we had to know more. And we weren't disappointed. Add to this a splash of back story and we're pretty much set for a great day of paintball.

In 2179 a USCM force was dispatched on board the USS Sulaco to the Hadley's Hope on LV-426 to destroy a Xenomorph infestation.

All contact with the Sulaco and its crew was lost.

The USCM dispatched the USS Sephora with a battalion sized force and a full complement of surface bound nuclear warheads to secure the situation once and for all.

The trick to a good big game, or any scenario based game regardless of size is to make some effort with the location and the context. We know we won't be in space and we know we won't be attacked by aliens, but we certainly want to be pitched a story to give us some context so we can slip into the fantasy world and escape for the day. Which moves us onto location. It. Is. HUGE! and a military base too which always adds another level of excitement for any scenario player.

Here's a run-down of the set-up followed by some sweet pics:

Game zone:
14 massive usable buildings
500+ rooms
20 huge Lorry trailers in parade square
A prison
Underground evacuation tunnels
No two buildings are the same

Safe zone:
Planet Eclipse Tech Stand
3 Traders
Real toilets with running water
Fitted kitchen to serve food
Indoor camping
Cinema building
Hard standing car park
Setup tables for kit

And finally, the details of what you can expect from your weekend of action:

Free Indoor Camping - inside a hanger
3000psi fills
Saturday scenario games with a 1 hour lunch break
Intense big game on Sunday with a 1 hour lunch break
Pocket map with game schedule provided for free
Player Party

No limited cap on paint (hoppers, magfed, tube all welcome)
Semi only due to the close-quarters action

Saturday: 40 minute scenario games
Sunday: Non-stop Big Game with 1 hour break for lunch

And rental gear is all available for those dipping their toes in paintball. A full set up, from head to toe, for just £10 for the whole weekend.

Not only did this event excite us enough to provide Tech Support and a Planet Eclipse marker rental facility for the weekend (where you can basically borrow any of the Eclipse fleet of markers for a day to see what all the fuss is about) but Ledz has decided to rock up with a band of SandBaggers to play it on the Sunday. So if you need some advice on keeping your Eclipse marker in tip top condition, or need something looking at we'll be on hand. And if you ever fancied taking pot shots at Ledz and his merry band of SandBaggers then this is your chance!

So if this looks like your kind of event visit the Urban Paintball Website for more details and book yourselves in.

See you there!