MVPS - Florida by PJ: Techs On Tour

I glance at the weather forecast for Lithia,FL  and rain was definately gonna be present this weekend. Lithia is a small town wedged between Tampa and Lakeland. Due to some changes that happened ubruptly, Maximum Velocity Paintball Series chose this site to host event#3.   Alex Zudell and John Cao have done a great job making MVPS a top event in FL and the southeast region. Florida has always been a state with some great teams. 

Saturday morning rolled in and it was a steamer. Humidity was near 90% and temps were expected to reach 92 degrees.. Nearly 50 teams in 3 divisions were signed up to play this weekend. Dead Rabbits, Serious Business, P.T.W., Care Bear Militia and XPX just to name a few that came to do some work. 

Tech work started rolling in and with that the rain came down.Players created their own little slip and slide and held a slide competion while games awaited the rain to stop. One guy slid over 20 ft on a perfectly executed superman dive. 

Sunday arrived and thankfully it was a much cooler day although some showers rolled in throughout the day. Teams pushed their bodies to the limit contesting the heat. Alex and John set up a Cool Zone tent for the players to cool down between matches. I have to admit I snuck in there more than a couple times myself. Hydration was the key to making it thru the day. Luckily nobody experienced heat exhaustion or severe dehydration.

In D6 Race-2 (3man) Shenanigans took 1st with DMS Goon Squad in 2nd and FSP Rapture in 3rd. 

In the D5 Race-2 (5man) it was Serious Business White 1st edging out Dead Rabbits 2nd with Tampa Bay Treason nipping at their heels in 3rd. 

D4 Race-4 (5man).. Congratulations to Tampa Bay Revolution on taking the crown. Tampa Bay Notorious followed in 2nd and Southern Rage PB in 3rd.

Due to the showers the games were a bit delayed but still got completed before dark. I closed up shop and headed for home. Thank you MVPS, Alex Zudell, John Cao and especially Planet Eclipse. See you at the next event near you. 

We Got Your Back!!!