MXL Mexico by PJ: Techs on Tour

Looking out the airplanes window I gaze upon the historical city of St. Luis Potosi, Mexico.. Founded in 1592 with the help of its fabulously rich mines after silver and gold were discovered in Cerro de San Pedro near the city. 

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Today SLP has become one the main industrial centers in Mexico with a prolific manufacturing industry. The city was named after Louise IX of France(San Luis Rey de Francia) who is the cities patron saint.

After exiting the airport and having a brief conversation with the FEDERALIS . I made my way to Tangamanga Park, host of the 3rd leg of Mexican Xball League (MXL). Event organizer  Arturo Andrade has been working relentlessly to provide Mexico with a top tier Paintball event.  Arturo never disappoints, making sure we have the best fields, best refs, and best accommodations for the players. And with that I set up my booth and prepared for games on Saturday. 

Saturday morning rolled in along with the teams. It was overcast and a cool 65* degrees but no showers. A couple of pro players from the USA showed up to beef up some teams.  Harrison Frye (OUTLAWS), Blake Yarber (DYNASTY) and Greg Siewers (Ironmen) have become regulars attending the MXL. Over 40 teams in 3 divisions were ready to battle for the crown.  One team came from San Francisco, California to compete (Caballeros Gringos). Nice to have some gringos in the mix.......hahahah..

Planet Eclipse presence cannot be ignored as Planet Eclipse markers are prevalent at the event. Mexico has always had an admiration for the dependability, accuracy and pure elegance of owning a Planet Eclipse marker and it showed. Just a short list of some of our stable teams include TJ Allstarz, Blackwater, Scorpions Legacy, Vatos Locos, MC Titans, Green Devils were just a few. All came with their game face and ready to sling some paint.

Prelim games ran throughout the day with no delays. Reffing was awesome and handled by some of the best in the game. Gerardo Richo, Oscar Cueva, the MXL reffing crew have come along way. These guys don't play no games. Their draw on a penalty  flag is quicker than Buffalo Bills gun fraw on a fleet of charging Indians.

Sunday rolled in and again weather was great. AAAHH , that sweet smell of Peg was in the air. Teams prepared for finals and some real action as the best of each division prepared for battle. 

In the Junior D5 Race-2 top honors went to Henker with Chilakillers in 2nd and Rangers in 3rd.

In the Premiere D4 division it was Club de Toby in 1st place followed by Hormigas Atomicas  in 2nd and Goonies by Titans  in 3rd. 

Lastly in the Ultimate Champions D3 Race-X it was TJ Allstarz with the win. Scorpion Legacy clinched 2nd and Vatos Locos would settle for 3rd yet again. 

With that the awards ceremony started and the Mezcal began to fly. Congrats to all of our teams. Thank you MXL for another great event and I will see you at the next one. Thank you Planet Eclipse for the best life.

 One Game . One Love . One Planet