Techs On Tour: UWL Master - Chicago by Nick Patterson

There is something about tournament paintball and The Badlandz. The soil itself reeks of the legends of the game. 

On August 19-20, teams came from all over to play paintball in the UWL International Masters. The weather, surprisingly for Chicago, was perfect. It was sunny and clear with just a light breeze all weekend.  The legendary window and ravine fields of 10-man NPPL fame were back in action, doing what they were always meant to: host a tournament! 

The UWL 7-man Masters was everything one could hope for; with thrilling moves, masterful snap shots, nail biting crawls through the high grass, even a little bit of old school arguments about who shot who first (it was Han people). Each had a balanced mix of bunkers and trees that let the action flow nicely.

There were teams and players present from all over North America, including Panama and Mexico. Well known professional players, both current and classic, were all over, including members of Impact and Tampa Bay Damage. 

On top of all the tournament action, the UWL also hosted a big game on site. Players of all types played the big game, including tournament players who were eliminated or just between games! There was plenty of paintball to play, to say the least.

As Sunday’s action closed out, champions were named: KAPP Factory, a mix of new and old pros, took 1st in the professional/skills division, while OBR won the open division. Black Sunday reigned victorious in Tactical, and the formed-that-day Mercs won in 5 man. What a fun weekend of classic paintball!

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