The Grim Reapers: Monster Big Game 2017

The Monster Game - Just the name brings back great memories of great events over the years. Located at the legendary field called Hells Survivor in the city of Pickney, Michigan, top quality scenario paintball  has been a tradition there for over 35 years.  Being designed around a swamp in the middle, with woods, a city, castle, islands, bridges and innovative rules, the field always attracts some of the best teams in the country.   Some of the top vendors in the sport come to this including of course, “We got your Back” Tech Support from Planet Eclipse.  The field's  “no wait” walk in air station means no downtime on air fills, that's right, none.  The officiating crew did a great job, and Dave the owner, knows how to make you feel welcome.   It all adds up to a great scenario paintball experience that is well worth your hard earned bucks.  This year’s World famous producer Viper brought his outstanding brand of scenario paintball to Hell’s Survivor bringing a new game with challenging missions and rules.

The main objectives were to keep the gold mines open because that was how we got our money for perks and to control areas of the field for points and missions.  At the starting gun, our 250+  red players pushed to control various parts of the field.  Over the two days the Grim Reapers were tasked with over a dozen missions and managed to accomplish each one.  Some required one person and a lot of subterfuge, while others required suppressing fire and coordinated assaults, and still others required splitting up into squads and running them independently to get them done on time.   It was a Viper event so what would one expect?  You know your team will be challenged.   Our red side took an early lead, but by the end of day 1 the yellow team had turned the game around and stacked up a lead in their behalf.  

One of the highlights for us was on Day 2 was when we ran into team Infamous on the yellow side.  We had a mission to run and they were in the way and this was a chance to show what we could do against some of the best.  We presented our front line, and as the battle moved back and forth,  we sent a squad of Reapers to flank and rendezvous with a helicopter.  Keeping tight coms with our flanking force we pulled the front line back.  As yellow pursued,  a gap was opened, which allowed us to get our guys through the lines.  Our front line did eventually get annihilated, but the damage was done:  Our flanking force completed our mission.

In the end the yellow side would be victorious and we were fortunate again to be awarded the MVT for the red side for the second year in a row.  If you have never been to the Monster Game at Hell's Survivor,  you must give it a try.  It’s a great venue to play some hardcore scenario paintball.