Viper Red Strike by PJ: Techs On Tour
Well  made it to the airport in Miami on time to make my flight to Chicago for the weekend. After a short 3 hour flight I arrived in Chitown. After renting a car I made the hour drive to Hobart,Indiana. Checked into the hotel and prepared everything for the next morning. Showed up on site about 7:00am to find out games start at noon, great..

Well with a bit of time before games I got to looking around and realized I was in an old military base . Blast Camp PB and Airsoft is a historic national landmark. It served in it's hayday as a Nucular Missle Defense Base during the Cold War. Owned and operated by Virgil Frey and Kerry (Viper) Rosenberry ,these guys put their souls into this event and it showed. Just short of 600 players showed up for the 24 hour scenario event.

I was lucky enough to have a front row seat as I worked on markers. A lot of action went on in the bunkers and radar towers just in front of my tech booth. Scenario events are definitely a blast. I saw Tanks, Rocket Launchers, Smoke Grenades, costumes and a player that walked around with a decapitated mannequins head dangling from his pack......hahahah......priceless. 

Sunday rolled around and Final Battle was set for 2:00pm . Players got ready podding up, airing up and charging up. A loud explosion kicked off the final battle. It was a frenzy, both sides were well balanced as the game see sawed from one side of the field to the other. Their was a ETHA owner that ran around the field and barrel tagged 17 players. That player was Jacob Carroll,he should get" best move" of the event award. 

Unfortunately I wasn't able to stay for the awards ceremony and see what side won. (Edit... We did a little reserach on behalf of PJ and the Soviets won :-)  But I can assure you everyone had a blast. Thank you Virgil, Viper and most of all Planet Eclipse. I jumped in the rental and made a quick stop at Lake Michigan on route to the airport. Another check on the bucket list added. Until the next one. Keep practicing cause it's only a matter of time before i'm at an event near you. Will you be ready?