5.5 BPS? No problem!

The 2018 NXL World Cup is almost here and it's lined up to be a pretty exciting event, but more on that in other posts.

For now we wanna touch on the introduction of the 'Classic / Retro Division' this year that brings with it a BPS limit of 5.5.

Our tech guys have put together for following information to help you bring your marker in-line with these regulations so that you can compete 'legally' and have some fun.

The following will enable you to configure our latest markers to comply with the rules -

Ego 10 to LV1.5 and Geo SL91 to CS1.5 currently meet the requirements of this format. In order to make them legal you simply:

Select the SEMI 15 Preset (Alternatively Set the FIRE MODE to SEMI and the ROF CAP to ON)
Set the BS ON ROF to 5.5bps
Set the BS OFF ROF to 5.5bps

Currently our older markers are deemed ILLEGAL, such as:
Ego line - Ego9 and older models
Geo line - Geo1
Etek line
Etha line

So why are some markers illegal?

The problem is with the Fault ROF (the ROF when the eyes default). Even though the Capped ROF and the BS Off ROF can be set to a legal limit of 5.5bps, the Fault ROF is GREATER than 5.5bps. This Fault ROF setting is hard-coded in the firmware and can't be altered by the user. This issue can only be detected by a player/ref if the eyes go into default mode. However the marker is still illegal. The user could switch the eyes off and set the BS OFF ROF to 5.5bps and the marker would never default to the Fault ROF, however the marker would still be classified as illegal.

So what have we done about this?

We've created a new version of firmware for the Etek5 and Gtek/160R markers which can be flashed by an Eclipse (staff) Tech at the NXL World Cup. We have no plans to create any new firmware for any other markers at this time unfortunately, but if you bring your Etek5 or Gtek/160R to our Planet Eclipse trade stand at World Cup one of our techs will set this up for you, for free.

The new firmware for Etek5 and Gtek/160R has a self-adjusting Fault ROF that is always 2bps BELOW the set BS ON ROF Cap which means the marker will always be legal.

To put your marker back into any other mode, simply apply the required setting as normal.

Thanks for tuning in and we look forward to seeing you at Cup.