EXPL Round 4: Spanish National League.

On 9/10 th September Atlantic Games Beira-Mar Gold was yet again present in EXPL, the Spanish National League ready to put up a fight and increase the lead in the series standings.

Saturday we started the weekend with a 3-man tournament. We faced ten teams competing for first place. Even though our players hadn't had any sleep due to the trip from Portugal to Madrid we were mainly focused on communication inside the pitch. If that went well, we knew we would be prepared for Sunday. In addition the games on Saturday would go a lot smoother if we relied on the basics instead of our physical performance. The tournament went by without anyone really noticing it since we were rotating between 5 players. We lost not a single match thus giving us the victory and the overall lead.

Sunday was somewhat similar, with only 5 players playing the event, with the help of the silver team inside the pits we started strong against Old Kids. The win was a solid 4-0 which represents our good communication and performance. This performance would maintain itself against TematicXball which ended with the same result of 4-0. We played our paintball and made the adversary always have the disadvantage by getting kills early. Against RadiaciĆ³n Paintball Team not much changed even though we lost a point. Beira-Mar was never in disadvantage nor running against time. The game would finish 5-1 in our favor. The closing game for the prelims was against King Paintball Team which we would face twice (prelims and finals). Just like we wished our gameplay was dominant and decisive. 4-0 for Atlantic Beira-Mar Gold.

For the semi-finals, we faced Imperial Army, our direct competition for first place in the tournament. We knew what to do since it was not the first time we faced this strong team. 5-1 dictated our place in the finals.

The Final.... We ending the day with the golden key and yet another victory against King Paintball Team for 4-0 which gave us the 1st place for this 4th event and a somewhat comfortable lead on the scoreboard. Unfortunately the Atlantic Beira-Mar Silver team was only able to achieve 5th place, by not accessing the semi-finals by only one game. We all know they can do better as they have previously on the last event.

Atlantic Beira-Mar Gold is ready for the Portuguese National Championship's last event, looking strong and ready to fight.