Portuguese Championship: The Final Leg

Atlantic Games Beira-Mar was present for the 5th and last event of the Portuguese Championship.

Mathematically we could still come out champions since our direct rival, Sporting, could theoretically have a bad day and end up 4th. That combined with a 1st place for us would make us 1st place overall for the season.

We started with a win 5-1 against Beira-Mar Silver. Being the first game of the day we were able to understand the difference between this field and Algete's, Madrid.

The second game against Estoril Praia was rather a quick one with the result of 4-0 in our favor.

Next up were Salgueiros the game was a little bit rough with some penalties against us. With good game-plan and focus we held the game 2-4 until the time ran out.

Probably the hardest game during the prelims, against Benfica, ended 3-2 for Beira-Mar. It was a very well disputed game, always toe-to-toe. With less than 60 secs on the clock and about to lose the tie-point to Benfica the game was stopped due to an injury on our side. Resuming the game, we were able to hold the point just long enough giving us 4 wins out of 4 in the prelims.

Sporting lost in the Semi's to Benfica keeping our dream alive. But alas it was not to be as we also lost are semi finals game 3-4 to Blue Falcon :-(

The last game of the day, for 4th and 3rd places against Sporting was very hard on us. We were somewhat upset and we had lose our focus. We lost 4-0.

Overall we ended up 2nd place with this 4th place on the last event.

We will come back stronger.