Beira-Mar :5th Event EXPL- Spanish National League

For the 5th time this season, we, Beira-Mar Gold and Silver, drove 500 km east to Madrid, to fight on the 5th and final stage of the Spanish EXPL.

We arrived at the field bright and early on Saturday, so that a few of us could play the usual 3vs3 tournament before Sunday. This allowed us to familiarize a little bit more with the layout. We won the 3-man and finished 1st in the overall season rankings.

On Sunday, we were pretty confident in ourselves. We were currently in first place in the seasons ranking with a comfortably distanced from the second placed team. But this didn’t mean that we would slow our game. We tried to keep the same intensity we have been playing with all year.

We played 4 matches on the prelims: The first, and the third (Salvajes and Woodpeckers), we played strong, and controlled during most of the entire game. We pulled out a 5-1 victory on both teams.

The second and fourth games were disputed against Chiclana Paintball and Arca U.E Gandia. Heading to field on these matches, we did realize that we needed to play a more steady paintball comparing with the other teams of the prelims. Even though we were conscious of this, we did lose focus on a few points, and complicated the game beyond what was expected. We ended up taking the win on both of these toe and toe matches (5-4, 3-2).

With our 4 out of 4 wins, we reached to the finals ranked number 1. The semi final we entered the field alongside one of our rivals of this tournament: Imperial Army. This to, was a hard match with some pretty long points. On the final point of this match, the score board registered a 2-1 lead in our favor with less than one minute on the clock.  We entered the field with only 3 players due to a penalty on the previous point. We stood our grounds, and were able to run out the clock with no point. We advanced to final match with a 2-1 hard victory.

The final was against another one of our rivals in Spain which we had already played on the prelims: Arca U.E Gandia. Maybe because of our vibe was high from the last match or just because this was the final and our focus was extra Sharp, we did play a more controlled game than the one on the prelims. We emerged with 3-1 victory. Giving Beira-Mar first place at the event and securing 1st place overall for the season.

We also want to mention in this article, that our sister team Atlantic Beira-Mar Silver did really well stepping up at this event making it to the finals with 3 wins out of the 4 prelim games. They played a very close and tight match against Arca U.E Gandia. Their efforts were strong and admirable, but not sufficient (2-1 lost). They finished on 6th place in the overall season rankings.

The Atlantic Games Beira-Mar teams would like to thank all those who support them directly, especially:




And especially the Atlantic Beira-Mar athletes for their effort and dedication to the project, and see you on 2018.

And from everyone at Planet Eclipse HQ... Well done winning the event and for a great 2017 season...