Beira Mar : The End.....

... of a great season!

It’s been a long season…

After many tournaments throughout 2017, our final event draws upon us and Atlantic Beira-Mar prepares to end on the biggest high.

Each year paintball in Portugal evolves, helping the sport rise and in turn growing our teams, and giving experience to the players and ourselves… Atlantic Games Beira-Mar.

The last tournament of the series saw us undertake many battles for that day, with each one taken seriously meaning our teams game plans had to be on point.

Our first game of the day against Insanity Paintball Team ended as a 2: 0 win, seeing 2 quick points on the board for what felt like a dominating Beira-Mar squad.

The next game against Reloaded was slightly different, even having won 2-0, it was a hard fought challenge by both teams.

Lisbon Heat was the third game of the preliminaries and was set to be the most difficult game yet… With experienced players and great technique the game was tied, but in the end it was to be our victory with a 2-1 win, a great momentum boost for us.

C4RTU was next up, with our minds already on a winning high we played like the first game of the day, and felt strong throughout taking a convincing win.

Semi Finals saw us take on Yellows Paintball Team, a group full of talent which are all too willing to demonstrate what they learned during this season. This time however experience prevailed and we took the win for Beira-Mar 2-0.

The Finals were another story, in which Team Blue Falcon Squadron, Div 1 in the National Championship, are already players well renowned and have nothing to prove to anyone. We had to be calculated with our methods, accepting they wanted to be the more aggressive team we played with this knowledge and used it to our advantage. Each point they earned the ground, taking good spots. We played our style and were able to use our experience to prevail under pressure and take the big win! A very hard fought exciting 2-1 Final score.

After this 1st place, it meant we also took 1st place overall ranking on the 2017 RLA Season.

Beira-Mar – 2017 RLA Season Champions.

This season was one of the best seasons or the best one since Beira-Mar plays, for that in my name and all players from Beira-Mar we would like to thanks for the support Planet Eclipse give to us during all season.

The season stops but we never stop, because we are already preparing for the 2018 season and the news are that we are going to play the NXL EUROPE events.

So next year Beira-Mar will be playing on 2018.




From Everyone at Planet Eclipse HQ... Well Done on a great season, it's been great reading about the teams ups and downs and good luck in 2018 !