Techs On Tour: MXL Final Leg - Mexico by PJ

Bags packed and I'm off to the final event of the  MXL (Mexican Xball League). Arrived in Guadalajara , Mexico about 5pm and made my way to Mexican Customs to meet up with my friends the "FEDERALIS". After a brief conversation and a thorough search of my baggage and person. I pondered on mixed feelings as I exited the airport. Apparently I must have looked like a past lover, but the FEDERALI said I was chosen at random. Lucky me, hahaha... Guadalajara  is well known for their Tequila and Mariachi, both born in Jalisco, the state of which GDL is the capital. Its economic base is strong and well diversified , mainly based on commerce and services, although the manufacturing sector plays a key role. 

Saturday morning was a cool 54 degrees as the teams began rolling in. Nearly 30 teams signed up for their chance at the podium and some for the series championship. TJ ALLSTARZ , TITANS , RECOIL , SCORPIONS , and  BLACKWATER  were just a few to name. Rusty Dusty sent a couple players down from Texas. Wasn't long before the first player with a tech issue showed up and my day began. Planet Eclipse gun users can do well knowing we do not make a colored o-ring kit. Just in case you were wondering, I am color blind but I know black when I see it , hehehehe..

The event ran smoothly thanks to some of the best refs in the game. The MXL Refs have been working with NXL Head Refs for years and it shows. Calls were on point and the judges weren't hearing it neither. Red and yellow flags would glide across the field at the slightest infraction. I admit it kept games clean and the best always showed. The refs  were organized and kept the event on point and on schedule. Hats off to these guys.

Sunday rolled in and teams poured in once again. On any given Sunday any team can bring it, so bring your game face. Sunday is what separates the boys from men and the lil girls from woman. Teams finalize their plans of execution and prepare for battle. Refs square off their zones.  I made my way to the pits to take care of our teams in the finals. Lines are drawn and the battles begin. 

First up was D5 Race to 2 (3man) with PARABELLUM taking 3rd place. Mercenarios edged over PERROS GALANES for 1st. 

Next up was the D4 Race to 4 (5man) with KAOS in 3rd against HAVOC. Hats off to RUFIANES on their 1st place podium beating CLUB DE TOBY.

Lastly in D3 Race to 4 (5man) where the big boys roll. Wanna give a shout out to BLACKWATER on their 4th place. These kids made the jump up this season and they are showing they belong in this division. TJ Allstarz,you played a great event. Just came a bit short. Be ready for next season. Congratulations to MEXICO CITY TITANS on taking 1st place podium and with it the series championship. These guys are playing tight, moving, shooting and communicating like a unit. Well deserved gentlemen..

And with that we bring 2017 MXL season to a close. Tequila is being passed around and its time to celebrate. Until next season chicos.

Be sure to keep an eye open for next seasons MXL events. Thank you Arturo Andrade(MXL) Jose LUIS ALVAREZ(Planet Eclipse Mexico) and last but not least Jacko(Planet Eclipse) LEDZ(Planet Eclipse).. Dreams do come true. Till next season....