DKPL - Results

DKPL 2017 Final Standings

After another fantastic year, the event which utilities different recball and training sites to host their events with the ambition to encourage new players into the sport, has come to their finale for 2017.

Copenhagen PBclub and CPH Ducks we’re tight all season battling at each round to take the crown for the day and hoping to gain points for the end of season championship. 

The games were nothing but tight and resulted with both teams sitting at the top of the leader-board with equal points at the end of the season. 

With PBclub winning the previous 3 seasons their seeding doing into tournaments means they take the win and are crowned the 2017 DKPL Champions.

Yep.... That means 2nd Place for CPH Ducks.
With the 2018 Season about to kick off have a look at the dates and locations on the video below and see if your team has what it takes to compete and steal that crown from PBclub ;)

Nice 1st and 2nd for the Emortal Army in Denmark.... :-)